Ticketing Fees

Service Fees as they apply to your air fare

Ticketing fees

The total spending airfare is split within : - cost of travel excluding taxes, carrier surcharge - taxes - ticketing fees Ticketing fees are charged at the time of ticket issuance. They apply to all passengers except infants (less than 2 years of age). Service fees vary depending on travel type, fare type and conditions. Ticketing fees are non-refundable.  

Fare Type (2)Air France Agency Call centerInternet
Long Haul (1) Economy Premium Economy / Business2 300 MUR 4 600 MUR2 300 MUR 4 600 MURno fees
Medium Haul (1) Economy Premium Economy / Business403 MUR 1 150 MUR403 MUR 1 150 MURno fees
Short Haul (1) Economy Premium Economy / Business403 MUR403 MURno fees

1) Travel Type : Definition : - Short Haul: All tickets issued within the same country. Example : Paris-Toulouse-Paris - Medium Haul: All tickets issued within Europe region + Israël + Air France intra-Carribean network Example : Madrid-Paris-Madrid - Long Haul: All tickets issued for any other destination. Example : Mauritius-Paris-New York (2) Fare Type : According to the following booking classes (subject to modification) : - Business Class Short Haul : C, Y, D, S, B, Z Medium Haul : C, Y, D, S, B, Z Long Haul : C, D, J, P, Z, F,A, Y, I, B, S, M, K - Economy Class : Short Haul : E, Q, R, W, N, M, K, A, U, H, T, V, L Medium Haul : E, Q, R, W, N, M, K, T, A, U, H, V, L Long Haul : H, T, V, L, Q