Our movie on 90 years of elegance

Air France celebrates 90 years of elegance

Since its establishment, Air France has celebrated the French art of living, the "je ne sais quoi" that is synonymous with France worldwide. By collaborating with the greatest creators, designers, architects, artists, and chefs, Air France makes elegance soar ever higher, turning every trip into a unique experience. Welcome aboard the Air France legend.

The "gourmet interlude" dress

90 years of gourmet interludes

Air France has been celebrating the French art of living since 1933. With menus constantly reinvented by the greatest chefs, wines selected by the best sommeliers, and tableware created by the best-in-class designers, our passengers embark on a gastronomic experience in the sky. In 2024, we are proud to offer you the creations of 17 chefs in our lounges and onboard our aircraft.

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The "design as comfort" dress

90 years of design as comfort

Since 1933, Air France has surrounded itself with the brightest talents to design its aircraft and lounges: Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, Pierre-Gautier Delaye, Raymond Loewy, Andrée Putman... and more recently, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Mathieu Lehanneur, Patrick Jouin, and Sanjit Manku. In 2024, we are reinventing your onboard experience and comfort with our Business seat, which transforms into a perfectly horizontal, full-flat bed.

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The "technological advances" dress

90 years of technological advances

Since 1933, the men and women of Air France have accompanied the progress of aviation, from the mythical propeller planes to the legendary first jets; from the Caravelle to Concorde; from Boeing to Airbus. With 30% new-generation aircraft, we are helping to reduce our CO2 emissions per passenger and per kilometer by 30% by 2030*. * This represents : - 12% of our total CO2 emissions compared with 2019.

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The "world exploration" dress

90 years of exploring the world

Since 1933, Air France has been bringing the world and cultures closer together. Our network has been illustrated by 150 artists and poster artists: Albert Solon, Lucien Boucher, Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac, Jean Carlu, René Gruau, Georges Mathieu, Roger Bezombes, and many others. In 2024, we invite you to discover one of our 1,000 destinations.

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Behind the scenes of the celebration

Behind the scenes of the celebration

Go behind the scenes of the film shot in the hangars of Air France Industries and plunge into the heart of a collection of unique, never-before-seen dresses.