The best of French gastronomy

As ambassadors of French culinary traditions, our chefs actively participate in crafting menus, selecting products, and creating the recipes featured on our menus.

Which French culinary stars will I discover on board?

On long-haul flights in La Première and Business, you will be delighted to discover what the most well-known chefs in France have cooked up for you! On flights departing from Paris, French culinary ambassadors Arnauld Lallement, Michel Roth, Mauro Colagreco, Régis Marcon, Thierry Marx, Emmanuel Renaut, and Anne-Sophie Pic have come together to give you an unforgettable dining experience.  On flights departing from Canada, you can enjoy dishes created by Chef Olivier Perret. On flights departing from Singapore in the Business and La Première cabins, the celebrity Chef Julien Royer will take you on a tour of the world via his creations. On our medium-haul flights, in the Business cabin, savor recipes created by Chef François Adamski.

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World cuisine on board

Experience the delicious flavors of world cuisine on board for even more dining delights!

In the Business cabin, on flights departing from Reunion Island to Paris, you will sample dishes created by Chef Jofrane Dailly. A real treat for the eyes and the taste buds! On the pastry side, Chef Philippe Urraca, awarded Best Craftsmen of France (MOF), loyal to traditional French pastry, as well as Chef Angelo Musa, with his distinctive flair, brings a sweet and sophisticated touch to the menus in the La Première cabin.


The menu signed by Thierry Marx in the Business cabin

Chef Thierry Marx

To your stoves!

Test your cooking skills with a recipe created by Régis Marcon for Air France.

It's very simple, just follow the chef's instructions!